About Me

Hi there!

My name is Pavel Hudau. I’m inspired Software Engineer. I do design and craft code every day hopefully making this world a better place!

I speak many languages, most fluently in C#, Python, JavaScript and TypeScript. I find it useful to explore other languages (C++, Haskell, Golang and many other) to broaden personal perspective and find better solutions to a problem. I like experimenting with Machine Learning, trying different concepts and algorithms.

I do embrace automated testing, flexible software architecture, the “right tool for the job” approach, best development practices, empathy, trust and diversity in work environment. I do enjoy mentoring, guiding, teaching and helping fellow developers to be productive and get things done. I enjoy solving real business problems and delivering great value.

When I’m away from the keyboard I like to spend time with my family on ski slopes or riding bikes, skateboard or roller blades. hiking, fishing, grilling or just hanging out outside together.

Thank you for your interest! I hope you find my blog useful and enjoy reading as much as I enjoy writing 😊.


All views and opinions published in this blog are my own.

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